How to Choose the Right Air Filter for Your Home

Learn how to choose the right size and type of air filter for your home with this guide.

How to Choose the Right Air Filter for Your Home

When it comes to buying an air filter for your home, it's important to make sure you get the right size and type. Knowing the size of your air cleaner and the type of filter you need is the first step in making sure you get the best filter for your home. To start, turn off your oven and remove the existing filter. Look for an arrow on the filter that indicates the direction of air flow and draw this direction on the outside of the oven with a permanent marker.

This will help you remember which way to install the new filter. Next, check the size of the oven filter, which will be printed on the cardboard frame. Measure the length and width (L x W) and note down these dimensions. In some cases, air cleaner measurements are not necessarily listed as exact physical dimensions, but rather as a model number.

If you have a model number, you can calculate the dimensions. If your HVAC system uses a whole-house filter (close to your central oven or air conditioning unit), then it's likely that you'll find a model number instead of exact dimensions. The minimum efficiency report value (MERV rating) is a measurement scale designed by ASHRAE to evaluate the effectiveness of air filters. When it comes time to buy your filter, make sure you don't sacrifice quality for price.

Most air filters are located on the right or bottom of the unit and can be easily removed from the slot. Dirty air filters can cause excess dirt that will end up in the ducts and you will need to clean them more often. The most common AC filter sizes and oven filter sizes are 16x20x1 air filter, 20x20x1 air filter, 16x25x1 air filter, and 20x25x1 oven filter. Do not stack several smaller air filters on top of each other to place them in a larger air handler. If you need a special Whole House filter for a Carrier, Lennox, or Honeywell system, consider purchasing a compatible filter to save money. HVAC service companies typically offer air filter replacement services, as well as system repair and unit installation services.

To make sure you have the correct size filter, especially if you replace it with a different brand, it is important to confirm the actual filter size. By following these steps, you can ensure that you get the right size and type of air filter for your home. This will help keep your home clean and free from dust and other allergens.